About the Initiative

"Work in Bavaria" is an initiative of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The aim of the initiative is to secure highly qualified experts for the State of Bavaria with the focus on skilled staff from other German states as well as highly qualified people from the rest of the world.

In the light of the demographic trend and globalisation, the Bavarian economy now depends on international personnel more than ever before. The idea behind “Work in Bavaria” is to position the Free State of Bavaria as a prime address and a magnet attracting top brains from all corners of the globe. Bavaria offers excellent living and working conditions, thriving industries with historically low unemployment rates and a climate of openness and tolerance for these ‘high potentials’.

"Work in Bavaria" comprises a number of initiatives and individual measures.

The aim of the "Study and Stay in Bavaria" initiative, for instance, is to encourage more foreign university graduates to remain in Bavaria after they have completed their studies and to offer their skills to Bavarian companies.

The "Return to Bavaria" initiative intends to bring back Bavarian ‘high potentials’, who left Bavaria some years ago. It will show these highly qualified experts that their Bavarian homeland has more to offer them and will welcome them with open arms.

The "Work in Bavaria" Internet portal is the central information platform for these initiatives, presenting Bavaria as a top location in which to live, work and do business.

Find out more about work and life in Bavaria in our brochure "The job of your dreams in Bavaria PDF (2.95 MB)".