Get to know Bavaria

Bavaria is good for you - especially if you live here. Life expectancy in Bavaria is higher than the national average in Germany, and the healthcare system is outstanding.

Germany is among the countries with the highest number of physicians per capita. On a national level, Bavaria has one of the top rankings in the ratio of practising physicians compared to population.

The quality of the Bavarian healthcare system is renowned well beyond the state's borders, and has an excellent international reputation. So it's no surprise that a great many patients  come to Bavaria from abroad every year for medical treatment.

Research and networking promote health

Bavaria also ranks among the best in the world in the areas of health research and medical technology. The Bavarian State Government promotes both research and networking between academia and clinical practice, making 430 million euros available by 2011 for university medicine and health research within the scope of its Future and High-Tech Offensive programmes. In addition to clinical research groups, there are some 20 special research groups working on (bio-)medical projects at Bavarian universities.

To ensure that technical innovation and scientific findings benefit patients directly, Bavarian hospitals work closely with the approx. 250 medical equipment manufacturers and Bavaria's global leaders in pharmaceuticals.

Bavaria has a massive concentration of competence in medical technology. 60 per cent of all electromedical equipment, and 30 per cent of all medical technology in Germany originates from the Free State of Bavaria.

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Wellness, health resorts and spas

Why not use a few free days for some real recuperation? Thanks to the excellent infrastructure in Bavaria, the journey to health resort clinics and hotels is never far. Health resort guests and people looking to indulge in a little time off can enjoy luxury and comfort in the most beautiful regions for recovery, sport and recreation. Thermal and healing water sources, mineral sources, brine sources and moors all represent part of Bavaria's geological diversity. And in addition to classic and modern treatments, there are countless relaxation and fitness programmes. Two of the best-known forms of treatment - Kneipp therapy and Schroth therapy - are Bavarian inventions and, with their holistic approach, are now more relevant than ever.
Then comes the good air quality, the healthy climate and the pure Bavarian healing water - which equates to recuperation quickly reaching perfection.

There are also a wide range of prevention programmes: Qualified therapists and trainers will help you to stay fit, limber and able-bodied well into old age.

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