Get to know Bavaria

If you are looking for new professional perspectives, then Bavaria is the right place for you. Qualified and motivated professionals are in demand everywhere in Bavaria.

The Free State of Bavaria is Germany's number one employment motor - since 2000, more than 200,000 new jobs have been created here, and that number is growing constantly. The state is on its way to attaining full employment: In many regions, the unemployment rate is already below three per cent. Upper Bavaria and Lower Bavaria were even among the five regions with the lowest unemployment rate in Europe in 2011. No other German region accomplished that.

Global Players and Hidden Champions

You will find diverse perspectives at all levels of the labour market: whether at an international or a Bavarian global player, at one of the numerous innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, or in one of the high-performing crafts enterprises.

German companies renowned all over the world with headquarters in Bavaria include Adidas, Audi, Allianz, BMW, EADS, MAN, Munich Re, PUMA, Linde and Siemens. But Bavaria is the ideal base for German and European business for global players from other countries as well - such as Google, Microsoft, General Electric, Sony and the pharmaceutical company Roche. These companies offer ideal opportunities for international specialists in particular to implement their knowledge in an optimal manner.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (website in German) are Bavaria’s "hidden champions", covering a diverse spectrum of fields and found everywhere throughout the state. They offer good future perspectives for people with the widest variety of interests and qualifications: The spectrum ranges from traditional crafts and trades and highly specialised manufacturing services to research and development projects in university-associated high technology fields.

New technologies - from Bavaria, naturally

Whenever it comes to new technologies, Bavaria holds top national and international rankings: The sectors of automotive technology, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering in particular are consistently growing with high levels of innovation. Top performance is also delivered in information and communications technology, bio- and genetic technology, as well as medicine, energy and environmental technology. This is only possible with well-trained engineers and a qualified, motivated workforce.


Bavaria's economy
Brochure "Bavaria's economy: High-performing - innovative - fit for the future" (in German)
Industriebericht Bayern
Information on Bavaria's industrial structure (in German)

Perspectives in all fields

Bavarian companies from all industries are constantly searching for new additions to their ranks - be it in classic industrial production fields, or in high-tech sectors.

However, Bavaria's excellent services sector also offers attractive opportunities. Bavaria is where most of the insurance companies in the Federal Republic of Germany are headquartered, and is also one of the most important banking regions.

The trade fairs in Munich and Nuremberg enjoy excellent national and international reputations, and the tourism industry, with its strong hotel and restaurant sector, is flourishing all over the state - each year, Bavaria has over 84 million overnights and 31 million tourists. Specialists in this industry are therefore also warmly welcomed.

The same applies to the healthcare and medical technology fields. Clinics are looking for nursing staff and physicians, retirement homes are searching for certified caregivers, research companies need highly qualified health professionals and natural scientists.

Publishing houses, media corporations and production companies have traditionally had a strong presence in the State of Bavaria, and an increasing number of new media companies are using the optimum infrastructure. They, too, are searching for qualified professionals.