The land and its people

A family sits at a lake, enjoying the view.

The land & its people

The people in Bavaria are as diverse as the state’s regions. Yet everybody will agree: One can always use a little more Gemütlichkeit.


The special Bavarian easygoingness

Heritage and top economic performance, stubbornness and tolerance - the Bavarian way of life unites contrasts in its very own unique, effortless manner.

Add to this that the people here combine tradition and modernity perfectly. Traditional Bavarian dress, be it lederhosen or dirndl dresses, can be seen everywhere on holidays in small villages and big cities alike.

A group of friends in traditional Bavarian dress toasts with beer mugs. A brass band can be seen in the background.

Bavarian regions

The perfect work-life balance

Each region in Bavaria has its very own particularities and charms. There is one thing that all seven Bavarian administrative districts have in common: You can find the perfect work-life balance there.

A hot air balloon floats over a landscape of lakes, the clouds and the blue sky reflect on the water.

Interesting facts

Endearing living environment and innovative business location

Writer and Nobel laureate Thomas Mann called his chosen home of Bavaria "notoriously wonderful".

He was right: The Free State of Bavaria has a lot to offer: Both world-renowned and unknown sights, culture and nature. In the heart of Europe, Bavaria wins people over as an endearing place to live and as an innovative business location.

Bavarian phrasebook

A small dialect sampler

Sure, German is spoken in Bavaria. Sometimes, however, Bavarians use their own words, which frequently sound a bit unusual and can be quite different from region to region. Here is a small dialect sampler.

A young Asian woman toasts a one-litre beer mug with a Bavarian with a long-white beard, wearing a traditional hat and lederhosen. In the background, one can see the beer garden's wait staff.


Open and tolerant

"Live and let live" - that is THE short formula for the Bavarian attitude on life. Openness and tolerance guarantee that people of the widest variety of ethnicities and religions live together in peace in Bavaria.

Die Kirche St. Bartholomä am Königssee im Berchtesgadener Land ist eines der beliebtesten Foto-Motive Bayerns.