Safe, fast and usually punctual: You can travel in Bavaria using public transportation. While one often cannot get by without a car in rural areas, boarding a bus or train is a good option, especially in large cities.

Here, millions of people commute daily between home and work or school - the trip is often faster on public transportation. In comparison to many other regions, Bavaria stands out at all times due to the high level of cleanliness and safety for passengers.

Reliable and economical: Schedules and costs

In many urban agglomerations, public transportation is organised in transportation associations. That is why you are able to use the same ticket on all forms of public transportation within an association's region.

You can obtain information on schedules and costs from the respective transportation association in your city or region.

The largest Bavarian transportation associations provide comprehensive information on their Internet sites.

Trip planner for Bavaria

The trip planner BAYERN-Fahrplan is the State of Bavaria's electronic trip planning system for public transportation. It offers:

  • Bavaria-wide door-to-door information right down to the street number on a real-time basis, showing multiple trips.
  • Train station schedules
  • Overview of the trajectories and lines
  • Information on ticket prices

Mobile trip planner

The Bayern-Fahrplan is also available in a mobile version.

Among other things, it tells you:

  • Whether you can still make a delayed light rail train
  • Whether it's worth walking a few hundred metres to the next tram stop
  • Whether a bus is about to come around the corner

Regional short-distance traffic on rail

The railway network in Bavaria covers ca. 6,200 kilometres and 1,000 train stations. There are also good connections to rural areas. During daytime hours, short-distance trains travel nearly everywhere in the state at least once per hour.

With the German rail service Deutsche Bahn, you can travel regionally, nationally and internationally in a quick, safe and comfortable manner.

There are many ticket specials (website in German) that make it possible to experience Bavaria on rail. One particular success is a Bavaria-wide ticket called the "Bayern-Ticket" (website in German): With it, you can travel all over Bavaria on one single ticket - by train, bus, in a city or out in the countryside.