Two friends embrace laughingly, greeting each other on a train platform. The train can be scene in the background.


Be it by bus, train, car or aeroplane -
Bavaria is mobile and facilitates mobility.


Automobile and driving licence

A bit of flexibility

To many people, having a car is important. To them, it represents flexibility.

Here are some things to think about and some tips on what you need in Germany to drive a car, and on where you can find further information.

A young woman smiles sitting in a car while receiving the car key.

Bus and rail

An economical alternative to a car

Safe, fast and usually punctual: You can travel throughout Bavaria using public transportation.

The railway network in Bavaria covers ca. 6,200 kilometres and 1,000 train stations. There are also good connections to rural areas.

In comparison to many other regions, Bavaria stands out at all times due to the high level of cleanliness and safety for passengers.

A young woman sits on a train, reading a book.


For recreation and for every day

Riding a bicycle stands for environmentalism, athleticism and flexibility. It's no wonder that nearly all Bavarian households are in possession of one or even multiple bicycles.

Bicycles are great to use for recreation - such as for a nice ride with friends, and are also easy to use in connection with local public transportation to make it through daily rush hour traffic in cities while relaxing.

A young couple riding bicycles through the city.


Well-connected in all regions

Out into the world from Bavaria: The fastest way is to depart from one of the three international commercial airports in Munich, Nuremberg and Memmingen.

They provide good connections from all regions to national and international destinations.

A young couple standing in front of an aeroplane, smiling at each other expectantly with luggage over their shoulders.