Work in Bavaria

Your application is your calling card with a new employer. Since the first impression counts, you should focus on precision, authenticity and politeness in both the written application and upon first personal contact - ultimately, you would like to win over a potential employer with your qualities. Here are a few tips for you.

Informative and complete

Employers generally expect a written application with a cover letter, a curriculum vitae and all documents needed to evaluate your qualifications.
You want to prove to your potential employer that you are thorough in your work. Therefore, make absolutely sure that your documents are complete.

Curriculum vitae

These are qualities a curriculum vitae should have:

  • As informative as possible
  • Brief, no longer than two pages
  • Formulated clearly and concisely
  • Structured in an easy-to-follow manner

The standard is for a curriculum vitae to be in tabular form in reverse-chronological order, i.e. the most recent career station is at the very top. However, if you would like to highlight specific professional stations, then another structure may also be appropriate.

It may then be a good idea to organise information into various categories. For example:

  • Personal information
  • Professional and practical experience
  • Education, training and supplemental qualifications, such as advanced training, stays abroad, language and PC skills

It is standard practice in Bavaria to add a professional portrait photo. However, including a photo on an application is not obligatory in Germany pursuant to the General Equal Treatment Act. Furthermore, be sure to include place and date, and to sign the curriculum vitae.

Cover letter

The cover letter is a central and personal component to the application portfolio. A potential employer will only read all the application documents if the cover letter is convincing. Make it clear why precisely you are the right choice for the position, and how your qualifications will be helpful to the company. Do not, under any circumstances, write sentences that are too long nor digress from the topic. The cover letter should not exceed one page.


Unsolicited application

If you have your eye on a specific company where you would like to work, you can also send an unsolicited application. This means: You are applying without there being a matching job offer. Many Bavarian companies collect unsolicited applications and evaluate them again as soon as there is a position to be filled. That is why this is a good procedure that could lead to success.

Application process

Every company has its own application process. Big employers like Siemens or BMW have their own applicant portals where applicants can find information about open positions and also apply directly.

In general: If your written application is convincing, then you will be invited to a personal interview or an assessment centre. However, it is also equally likely that you will be asked to work during a trial period. Take advantage of every opportunity that will bring you closer to your dream job.


Copies of the last school and university performance reports and certificates for work placements and courses that you have completed should not be missing from your application and round off your portfolio. Whenever possible, you should submit references and other important documents in German.

Useful links

Federal Employment Agency
Tips for applications, sample cover letters and sample curricula vitae (website in German)
Europass System
Create your curriculum vitae and other documents online, such as the Language Passport

Application via e-mail

Online applications are becoming possible more and more frequently. Find out beforehand which form of application the employer prefers. Use a professional-looking e-mail address for applications sent via e-mail and make sure that your application reaches the correct addressee. Use the address indicated in the job offer and avoid collective addresses for your online application. It's best to inquire with the company directly for a direct contact and his or her e-mail address.

Make the position you are applying for clear right on the subject line. Prepare documents carefully and check the cover letter and attachments before clicking on "send". Paste the cover letter into the text box and also send it as an attachment. Attachments should not exceed 3 MB in size – but some employers name other maximum sizes on their website. Make absolutely sure to inform yourself to that end.