Work in Bavaria

There are many good reasons to start one's own business: You are your own boss. You can launch a product on the market just like you picture it. And you can implement your own ideas with passion.

Here, you'll discover what the incentives are for starting a company in Bavaria.

Bavaria - Start-up Region No. 1

And with good reason. For the Free State of Bavaria offers:

  • A strong sales market, for end consumers as well as for business customers,
  • A dense network of first-class companies and direct access to top research facilities,
  • The best opportunities for creative minds

That is why Bavaria has been the number one start-up region in Germany for years. Some 70,000 people made the move to entrepreneurship in the year 2011 alone.

Enthusiasm for a good concept

Be it a high-tech company or a flower shop, optometry or IT service provider - those with the drive to become an entrepreneur need enthusiasm for their products and their ideas. But they also require a good business concept, need to fulfil the start-up formalities, meet requirements for bank discussions, make business location decisions, select a legal form and consider much more.

Outstanding business framework and a culture of entrepreneurship

The Bavarian State Government paves the way for entrepreneurs with an outstanding business climate, fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. The most important information on founding a company, on offers and contact partners for those interested in start-ups, as well as young companies in Bavaria can be found on the portal Gründerland.Bayern (website in German).