Work in Bavaria

Bavaria offers you outstanding professional opportunities like no other German region. Whether career launch, specialist or managerial position - the State's labour market has a diverse range of job postings as well as development opportunities in the widest variety of sectors.

The perfect starting point for your job search is the job portal for all of Bavaria.

The Bavarian Job Portal

The Bavarian Job Portal is the platform for job postings in Bavaria. You no longer have to click your way through individual job boards or company pages. Here, you'll find all job announcements at a glance.

The job portal performs a search for you on:

  • Career pages of Bavarian companies
  • The pages of human resources consultancies
  • Job postings from Bavaria on the EURES network
  • Online employment sites
  • As well as regional and national daily newspapers

You can also sign up to receive daily e-mails with information on new job postings matching your profile.

Personnel placement agencies

Personnel placement agencies find the right job for applicants and qualified employees for companies, for a fee – also only for a limited period of time. You can find private personnel placement agents in the telephone book or in the yellow pages of the respective city under Arbeits- oder Personalvermittlung (employment or personnel placement).

Information is also offered by the Bundesarbeitgeberverband der Personaldienstleister e.V. (Federal Employers’ Association of Human Resources Service Providers).

Professional and social networks

In this online age, professional and social networks also play an important role in searching for a job. Networks facilitate the exchange of information between business partners, as well as between those who would like to become business partners. Business networks such as Xing and LinkedIn additionally have job boards that their members have access to, free of charge.

Personal contacts

Friends and family help us in life - and sometimes even in searching for a new job. Tell friends and family that you are looking for employment. Perhaps someone has heard about an opening, or can help you with valuable information.

The Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit)

Information on job postings is also available from the free service of the Federal Employment Agency. You'll find branches of the agency in nearly all Germany cities.

The EURES Network

If you come from an EU country, you can approach the EURES consultants of your home country for personal counselling even before your job search in Germany. The EURES-Network is the network of public partner administrations of the European Union.

The EURES consultants will be happy to inform you, free of charge, about the living and employment conditions in Germany and will provide you with tips and tricks for finding work in Germany and for preparing for an interview in Germany and Bavaria.

Career and job fairs

Career and job fairs are an excellent place for establishing personal contact with interesting companies. Furthermore, you can obtain an overview of the job market quickly at fairs.

Job fairs are also part of our "Study and Stay in Bavaria" initiative. These events are primarily directed toward international students at Bavaria's institutions of higher education and universities. However, they are, of course, open to all who are interested.

Sector-specific postings

Several of the Bavarian clusters (website in German), which link companies and research institutions, offer sector-specific job postings from their partner companies. These include:

You'll also find the job postings specific to individual sectors, updated daily, on the Work in Bavaria job portal.