Bavaria is top performer - in many ways. However, to retain its top performance in economic growth and innovativeness, Bavaria needs bright minds.

Those bright minds have become significantly more mobile. Many talented individuals leave the country to continue their career abroad. The consequence: Bavaria is losing its most important resources: people with excellent education and training. "Return to Bavaria" is looking to counteract that and bring top German and Bavarian professionals who have emigrated back to Bavaria.

With "Return to Bavaria", Bavaria has become the first German state to approach highly qualified Bavarian and German professionals and managers all over the world to motivate them to return home.

A young woman in a suit stands at a rail at an airport, lost in her thoughts. She is holding a boarding pass in her hand and gazing out of a large bank of windows.
The initiative "Return to Bavaria" is looking to bring top German and Bavarian professionals from all over the world back to Bavaria. ©