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Bavaria's landscape of institutions of higher education delivers the optimal conditions for the journey to a qualified degree.

Study opportunities

From African studies to zoology

Starting with A as in Africa studies all the way to Z as in zoology - Bavaria offers a broad range of interesting fields of study. Be it full-time, part-time, after-work courses, with or without having attended German secondary school. The widely varied opportunities available at Bavarian institutions of higher education are optimally tailored to meet students' needs.

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Arrival and stay

A brief guide to studying in Bavaria

Studying in Bavaria - Now that's alluring. In this overview, you'll discover what you should bear in mind if you come from abroad. We'll also explain which offices you can turn to prior to and following your arrival, as well as after completing your studies.


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Study and stay in Bavaria

Study in Bavaria - and then stay!

Study in Bavaria - and then stay. That is what many of the international students who come here would like, yet only a small percentage of them actually do. In order to improve this situation, we are offering support with the initiative "Study and stay in Bavaria", simultaneously saying: We're happy that you're staying!


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