In today’s world, life-long learning is the foundation for success. Only those who remain open can take advantage of all the chances which present themselves. Whether the first or second degree, postgraduate studies or advanced training - Bavaria's academic landscape delivers the optimal conditions for the path to a qualified degree.

Its institutions of higher education provide the best conditions for studies, with costs that are moderate when compared internationally. Their bachelor and master study programmes are recognised worldwide, and two of the nine state universities in Bavaria have earned the right to call themselves "Universities of Excellence."

From African studies to zoology

There is a broad range of bachelor and master courses available in Bavaria. From A as in African studies all the way to Z as in zoology - Bavaria offers a broad range of interesting fields of study. This is made possible by:

  • 17 state universities of applied sciences
  • 9 state universities
  • 6 state arts academies
  • As well as a number of further institutions of higher education under the trusteeship of communities, churches or private organisations

Bavaria's universities focus on broad academic training in all disciplines. The universities of applied sciences are known for integrating practical semesters into curricula and tailoring education directly to the needs of professional practice. Art academies teach, above all else, artistic knowledge and skills.

Here, you can find information on universities and life in Bavaria, browse our university profiles or use the course finder to explore the numerous study options available. Find out how to apply for different degree courses and read tips on planning your studies in Bavaria!

Excellent study opportunities

In the course of Germany’s "Excellence Initiative", LMU Munich and the Technische Universität München will again be carrying the "University of Excellence" title. Furthermore, the Bavarian institutions of higher education have six excellence clusters and nine graduate schools.

Costs and financing

In Bavaria there are generally no tuition fees as education is highly subsidised by the government. However, each semester there has to be paid a minor contribution (about 50 Euros) to the Studentenwerk (the student union). Despite that students still need to finance their cost of living. International students may be eligible for a number of scholarships and funding opportunities in Bavaria. Click here for more information.

Theory and practice united

The dual studies (website in German) courses at the universities of applied sciences combine theory and practice in a unique manner.

This combined study programme links academic studies with vocational training, providing profound practical exposure specifically based on the real work experiences at a company.

Bavarian centres for higher education

With the competence centres of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts, the State of Bavaria is promoting academic exchange with other regions.

One of the objectives is to convey and communicate the significance of international contacts as well as international co-existence. The centres offer alternating cultural and social events, contacts to business representatives, as well as to organisations and educational opportunities.

The competence centres include:

Advanced training: Life-long learning

After the first years on the job, it is common for many people to look for a new challenge. They want to obtain additional qualifications, move into a different field, drive their career forward or even start something completely new. Academic study is a good opportunity for continuing education. Be it after-work, part-time, with or without having attended German secondary school. The various programmes at Bavarian institutions of higher education are optimally tailored to meet the needs of attendees and companies.


International studies

The international offices at the Bavarian institutions of higher education are an important contact point for students from abroad, as well as for Bavarian students wishing to study abroad.

They have information available about:

  • The application process
  • Admittance prerequisites
  • The selection process