Making the transition from school into vocational training or higher education represents a great challenge. It is always a good idea to gather information in advance on exactly which opportunities and perspectives are available.

For successful career training, and therefore a successful career launch, it’s important to reflect upon one's own wishes and expectations, as well as to consider what it’s truly like in a certain professional field. It's best to take a look into practice while still in school, which can be done with a work experience placement, for example. However, there are also a great deal of career orientation projects.

"Sprungbrett Bayern" ("Springboard Bavaria")

"Sprungbrett Bayern" (website in German) is the largest work experience board in Bavaria for pupils still in school. There, young men and women can find information about career orientation and 16,000 current work experience opportunities available at companies all over Bavaria.

"Mädchen für Technik Camps" ("Girls for Technology Camps")

Girls aged between 12 and 14 years have the opportunity to explore a technical profession on the inside of a company for four to five working days. This is made possible by the programme "Mädchen für Technik Camps" (website in German), where one week during school break is entirely dedicated to technology.

"Forscherinnen Camps" ("Female Researcher Camps")

At the "Forscherinnen Camps" (website in German), female pupils aged 15 and older gain insight into the classic engineering professions. At these summer camps, young women have the opportunity to get to the bottom of a scientific-technical question over one week. The young women receive support from engineers and university students in all their research efforts.

"Play the Market"

"Play the Market" (website in German) is a business planning game for pupils in year 10 and above. Players assume the the role of managing director of a virtual company and make business decisions.

"Technik Scouts" ("Technology Scouts")

The "Technik Scouts" (website in German) team competition for technical professions was designed to raise interest in technology and science. Participation is open to pupils in years 7 to 13 in all general education schools in Bavaria.