Vocational training

A violin maker bows deep over a violin, bringing shape to his working material. Shavings spread over the workbench.

Vocational training

Having well-trained young professionals plays a key role in any company's success. German vocational training enjoys an excellent reputation and is held in high regard all over the world.

Dual training

Cornerstone for a successful future

The vocational training provided in Germany enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world, and with good reason. It is known to be practice-oriented and well-founded, and is open to German as well as to international trainees. Vocational training provides young people with excellent perspectives for their professional lives. The dual vocational training model represents the basis for that success.

At a building site, a foreman with a green helmet shows a young woman wearing a red helmet the place where she should be sawing.

Career orientation

Insight into practice

It is always a good idea to gather information about the labour market's opportunities and perspectives prior to making a decision about one's future career. There are chances to gain insight into practice even for pupils who are still in school. Either in work placements or even with the help of career orientation projects.

A foreman shows a young woman, in working overalls and protective eye wear, how to operate a machine.

Training placement search

Where do I want to go? What do I want to learn?

It is important to plan one's professional future carefully, and to not leave one’s future to chance. Those who know where they want to go can start their search for a training placement.

The Internet offers numerous starting points and employment websites with information on vocational training in Bavaria. Here are the most important contacts for getting started.

Two young women look at a laptop together.

Advanced training

Mastering the daily challenges encountered at work

Today, the employment market is placing demands on employees and freelancers that are significantly higher than ever before, even when compared to just a few years ago. Workloads are growing, as is the complexity of the tasks assigned. Carefully planned advanced training can assist in meeting these new challenges.

A journeyman and a master roofer bow over a wooden plank to consult.